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(Being a scientist isn't just a career, it's an adventure):

Venus transit (June 8, 2004 - India)

Dust storm aftermath. Delhi.

Hindu temple. Delhi.

Computer Bazaar. Delhi.

Lodi Park. Delhi.


Taj Mahal, Agra.

Hybrid eclipse (April 8, 2005 - Panama)

Fellow observers.

Panama canal.

Black sand beach.

A farmer hauling fruit.

Baru volcano.

Farm children on Baru volcano.

Annular eclipse (October 3, 2005 - Spain)

At the observatory. Madrid.

Near the Palace. Madrid.

Street musicians. Madrid.

Gran Via (Broadway). Madrid.

Plaza de Cibeles. Madrid.

Puerta de Europa. Madrid.

Total eclipse (March 29, 2006 - Turkey)

Temple of Apollo. Side, Turkey.

Blue Mosque. Istanbul.

Hagia Sophia. Istanbul.

Cistern. Istanbul.

Grand Bazaar. Istanbul.

Tim interviewed for Turkish TV.

Anular eclipse (September 22, 2006 - French Guiana)

The ESA/CNES space center.

Launch Control Center.

Ariane 4 launch pad.

Downtown Cayenne.

Devil's Island (in distance).

Me on the Space Center roof.

Lunar eclipse (March 3, 2007 - Rome, Italy)

The Roman Colosseum.

The Forum ruins.

The Trevi Fountain.

The Roman Pantheon.

View from the Vatican.

On the roof of our hotel. Rome.

Total eclipse (August 1, 2008 - Xi'an, China)

Forbidden City in Beijing.

Great Wall near Beijing.

Terracotta army outside of Xi'an.

Li Jiang River near Guilin.

Terrace farms in the Longji area near Guilin.

On the roof of our hotel. Weinan.

Annular eclipse (January 26, 2009 - Jakarta, Indonesia)

The skyline of Jakarta.

One of the canals dug by the Dutch.


A slum near Jakarta.

The infamous Krakatua volcano.

In the field setting up.

Total eclipse (July 22, 2009 - Wuhan, China)

Wuhan's Yellow Crane Tower, first built in 223 CE.

Looking south from the Yellow Crane tower.

A popular pedestrian shopping area.

A ferry crossing the Yangtze River.

Testing under the Wuhan sweltering Sun.

The crowd gathers for the eclipse.
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