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Since our objective is to attract the public into science, we depend on press coverage. Here is a listing of the press coverage we have received to date:

Venus Transit (2004 - India):

Lunar Eclipse (2004 - USA):

  • Even though we were clouded over for the webcast, the BBC called Tim Young for a live interview on the BBC radio program "World News."

Hybrid Eclipse (2005 - Panama):

  • While in Panama, Tim Young and Ron Marsh both gave presentations (Tim Young - "Expeditions to AstronomicalEvents" and Ron Marsh - "Webcasting: Ins and outs"). In both cases, a standing room only crowd filled the 200 seat auditorium and the lecture was broadcast over an intranet to 13 other campuses. An estimated 800 other people watched both presentations.
  • We also received press coverage while in Panama, including:
    1. An article in MSNBC
    2. A front page article in La Prensa (the national newspaper). Here is a picture of the article.

  • Our webcast was also covered on the Lawrence Berkley Labs HPCRD website.

Annular Eclipse (2005 - Spain):

  • While in Spain, Tim Young was interviewed by an Associated Press reporter for an article on the eclipse. The article was carried by several major outlets:
    1. USA Today
    2. ABC
    3. CBS

Total Eclipse (2006 - Turkey):

  • While in Turkey, Tim was interviewed for the Turkish TV show "Wilco's Camper" which is shown on DigitTurk Television.

Annular Eclipse (2006 - French Guiana):

Annular Eclipse (2009 - Indonesia):

Annular Eclipse (2012 - California):

Venus Transit (2012 - Alaska):


  • Studio One is a live television show produced by the University of North Dakota's Television Center.
    1. Our 2011 paper on webcasting, R. Marsh and T. Young, "Webcasting from Challenging Locations," Presented at CONTENT 2011, The Third International Conference on Creative Content Technologies, Rome, Italy, won the IARIA Best Paper Award.
    2. On October 20, Ron Marsh was a guest on the show to talk about video games. Here is a Real Audio link to that broadcast (scroll ahead to 13.30 for Ron's segment).
    3. On October 27, Tim Young was a guest on the show to talk about eclipses. Here is a Real Audio link to that broadcast (scroll ahead to 50.51 for Tim's segment).
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